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Enrichment for a richer school experience

We are all aware of the value of cultural capital and that giving students the opportunity to try new activities and sports, has social benefits, but it is often easy to overlook the academic benefits that a strong enrichment programme can have. ELE Craig Barnes discusses Enrichment programmes and the effects on student outcome. Click…
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“When will I ever use this again, Miss?”

“When will I ever use this again, Miss?” Blog by Rachael Wilkinson, Carmel College Careers lead and Carmel Research School ELE. As educators we have probably heard a student saying at one time ‘but when will I ever use this again?’ and as best as we can, we try to fumble our way through explaining…
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Effective Readers – Led by Caroline Bilton, EEF Literacy Content specialist

(Recorded on 22nd April 2021) Reading Fluency and comprehension are areas teachers are keen to focus on. This twilight session (recorded live on 22nd April 2021) will support teachers’ evidence-informed practice in the teaching of reading. It will focus on reading fluency and comprehension, and aim to guide teachers in their use of diagnostic assessment.…
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Crumble – not blackberry nor apple 

Crumble – not blackberry nor apple  Isn’t it funny how some computing words are just so food orientated?  There’s Apple (the computer manufacturer), Blackberry (a brand of interactive pagers, smartphones, and tablets), Crumble (a programmable controller), but that’s not all.  Oh no, there’s the words associated with cooking and baking.  I’ve checked through just some of them.  Maybe you could add your own…  Term …
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Making coffee. #Sequence 

Making coffee. #Sequence  I know that they are not strictly speaking algorithms, but recipes are a great source of inspiration when it comes to teaching algorithms. My favourite cookbook (Good Housekeeping New Basic Cookery; bought for me when I was a kid and is so good that I have re-bought it for when the time comes that it fully falls apart.)…
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Buying a house #BooleanLogic 

Buying a house #BooleanLogic  There is a lovely algorithm that is written about in the book ‘Algorithms to Live By’ that gives a really good way of making sure that you end up in rented accommodation that you will be happy with. Or at least it gives you the best chance of being happy with the accommodation…
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Teaching in 2020/21 – 5 Dos and Don’ts

  Director of Carmel Research School, David Bailey shares his thoughts on teaching in 2020/21 Click here to watch David’s video

Deeper Thinking: A Case Study

Rachael Hardcastle, of Carmel Research School, reflects on the progress SOLO taxonomy has had in the classroom Click here to read the full blog

Slow Computer

Making the slowest computer ever… Just for fun. #Processors #Hardware We spend some of our time as computing teachers talking about hardware and processors and in particular the characteristics that make one processor more powerful and capable than another. Maybe we should look at things differently for a moment. How slow can we make a processor? I’m taking inspiration…
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Interactivity in Remote learning

Interactivity in Remote learning This video was originally a recorded session for the Schools North East EdNorth Northern Celebration of Education #CelebrateEd 2020. The session was led by David Bailey, Director of R&D and Carmel Research School part of The Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust. The focus of the video is how to increase interactivity in remote…
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