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Deeper Thinking


Deeper Thinking is an intervention that uses evidence-based approaches for revision, combined with the use of SOLO Taxonomy in a prescribed way, in order to improve revision practices and exam technique.Pupils in year 10 practice the approach approximately twice every half term. They deploy it when answering extended answer questions and when working on ‘required’ practicals. They carry on the technique into year 11, which helps them prepare for their GCSE exams.

The training consists of three 2-hour extended twilight sessions and is delivered to all science teachers in school. It is delivered on site at each school and at a time and date that suits the school. One teacher (who is most likely to be a subject leader or coordinator) will also receive a one full-day training session in the essentials of leading the change in school.

The training is provided for free under the terms of the pilot. As the in-school training takes place outside of the curriculum time, there will be no teacher cover costs. Any cover required to release one teacher for the one day of leadership training will have to be met by the school. There is a small amount of reprographics and similar resourcing required, although this is unlikely to be much different than the usual costs of revision materials in school. The school will need to have appropriate licences to use past examination questions (which are often already in place).

Please note that the normal cost for the training package for the intervention would have been around £2500, which will be provided for free for schools involved in the pilot.