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Category: Computing

Crumble – not blackberry nor apple 

Crumble – not blackberry nor apple  Isn’t it funny how some computing words are just so food orientated?  There’s Apple (the computer manufacturer), Blackberry (a brand of interactive pagers, smartphones, and tablets), Crumble (a programmable controller), but that’s not all.  Oh no, there’s the words associated with cooking and baking.  I’ve checked through just some of them.  Maybe you could add your own…  Term …
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Making coffee. #Sequence 

Making coffee. #Sequence  I know that they are not strictly speaking algorithms, but recipes are a great source of inspiration when it comes to teaching algorithms. My favourite cookbook (Good Housekeeping New Basic Cookery; bought for me when I was a kid and is so good that I have re-bought it for when the time comes that it fully falls apart.)…
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Buying a house #BooleanLogic 

Buying a house #BooleanLogic  There is a lovely algorithm that is written about in the book ‘Algorithms to Live By’ that gives a really good way of making sure that you end up in rented accommodation that you will be happy with. Or at least it gives you the best chance of being happy with the accommodation…
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Slow Computer

Making the slowest computer ever… Just for fun. #Processors #Hardware We spend some of our time as computing teachers talking about hardware and processors and in particular the characteristics that make one processor more powerful and capable than another. Maybe we should look at things differently for a moment. How slow can we make a processor? I’m taking inspiration…
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