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Month: October 2020

Teaching in 2020/21 – 5 Dos and Don’ts

  Director of Carmel Research School, David Bailey shares his thoughts on teaching in 2020/21 Click here to watch David’s video

Deeper Thinking: A Case Study

Rachael Hardcastle, of Carmel Research School, reflects on the progress SOLO taxonomy has had in the classroom Click here to read the full blog

Slow Computer

Making the slowest computer ever… Just for fun. #Processors #Hardware We spend some of our time as computing teachers talking about hardware and processors and in particular the characteristics that make one processor more powerful and capable than another. Maybe we should look at things differently for a moment. How slow can we make a processor? I’m taking inspiration…
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Interactivity in Remote learning

Interactivity in Remote learning This video was originally a recorded session for the Schools North East EdNorth Northern Celebration of Education #CelebrateEd 2020. The session was led by David Bailey, Director of R&D and Carmel Research School part of The Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust. The focus of the video is how to increase interactivity in remote…
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Metacognition: Preparing students for blended learning

  Rachael Hardcastle from Carmel Research School talks us approaches she has used. Click here to read more

8 ways to increase accessibility with remote learning

      Carmel RS Director David Bailey, discusses how to help increase accessibility and engage with students who are remote learning. Click here to read more

Year 11 into 12 transition

  Naomi Bartholomew-Millar discusses -What schools should consider for easing transition for year 11 students Click here to read more