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Secondary Team

Naomi Bartholomew-Millar

Secondary Maths HOD and Maths Lead

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Naomi is an experienced maths teacher and senior leader working in the North East. Having been a head of department and Assistant head of Sixth form, Naomi moved on to working with Pupil Premium students in a large secondary school. Naomi is passionate about inspiring students to achieve their potential whatever their barriers may be. Naomi is currently working in a variety of roles supporting schools across the country to improve the outcomes for students, including as Senior projects lead for Carmel Research school. This, along with other national roles has provided Naomi with the opportunity to work with teachers across the country to promote the best in educational research and practice.

Rose Marie Rochester

Secondary Maths Teacher and Maths Lead

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Rose - Marie was designated as a maths SLE in 2013, which was the formal beginning of her work with other schools in the North East, and has been the Maths Hub Lead for the Archimedes NE maths hub since its inception in 2014. She is especially interested in embedding teaching for mastery in our schools and has a particular interest in sharing the Singapore methodologies, so as to build pupils’ confidence and competence with their maths.


She feels privileged to have worked with teachers from Shanghai for a number of years and continues to grow in her understanding and experience of their teaching for understanding and depth; this has enabled her to develop workshops and courses which she continually refines and delivers to teachers, maths leads and SLT members in the locality and beyond.As an accredited PD Lead for mathematics, she is also experienced in devising and delivering professional development for other teachers – both general maths PD and also department specific PD. Rose-Marie is passionate about developing maths provision across all phases, and thus improving outcomes for all children. Rose-Marie still works within Carmel's mathematics department, whilst leading maths across Carmel Education Trust’s schools, working with staff and students alike across all phases.


Rachael Hardcastle

Secondary Science Lead and Teacher

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Rachael has worked at Carmel for 7 years as a Science Teacher and has several roles within the Carmel pastoral team. She is one of the consultants working on Deeper Think, CASE and the Leadership Lite programmes. She knew from early on in her career the value of evidence informed practice and its impact on learning. She now focuses her energy on enabling others to use research to inform thier teaching as well as maintaining her role as Assistant Head of Sixth Form.

Evan Mulligan 

Secondary Science lead and HOD

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Evan is Head of the Science department at English Martyrs School on Hartlepool.

Tony Graham 

Secondary Science lead and HOD

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Tony heads up the Carmel Science Learning Partnership and has had a long career in teaching secondary science and delivering science training.

Beth Patience 

Secondary Science team & teacher and Metacognition team

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Beth is a secondary Science teacher and is also working on the Metacognition team.

Adrian Brown

Maths Teacher

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Adrian has been working in Education since his PGCE Secondary Maths in 2001 and has held many consultative roles since 2008 which most recently have included LA STEM Advisor and Education Advisor for Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society. He continues to support school across Teesside developing Science and Maths Teachers through SSIF Programmes and has recently been appointed to a leadership position in school to develop their Maths department as they continue their school improvement journey using research based techniques to improve outcomes and reduce teacher workload.